Why You Should Bachelorette at Good Fortune Soap & Spa

Having a wedding in 2020 may seem like a crazy idea, especially when you want to have a fun and safe bachelorette party!

At Good Fortune, we love to provide the most enjoyable and safe environment for you to have your bachelorette party.



1. The Relax Chatt Hotel Our Airbnb, located above the store, is the perfect place to spend quality time with your girls without worrying about the interaction required in a regular hotel! Our cleaning staff ensures that the entire place is sanitized and spotless between guests. Complete with space to sleep 12, a full kitchen, and a rooftop deck, our Airbnb will be a luxury retreat for your bachelorette.

Bachelorettes enjoying Relax Chatt's rooftop deck

2. Walk down the stairs to your very own spa party! Spa parties inside the Good Fortune store are after hours so you and your bachelorettes have the place to yourselves and 0 customer interaction! The store is sanitized throughout the day and before your party so that you will have the safest environment. Our staff will also wear masks and a shield is placed around our bar. We ask that your group also wear masks to guarantee the safety of everyone involved! You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks while you enjoy making a custom product, a mini facial, and time in the massage chair!

3. Minutes away from outdoor activities. Only 10 minutes from Lookout Mountain, Good Fortune is the perfect distance from many outdoor activities! This way, you are social distancing and having fun. -Cravens House: This is a beautiful spot overlooking the city and a great place to have a picnic! There are also lots of hikes beginning at this trailhead location. -Glen Falls Trail: This is a short trail leading to a swimming hole and a pretty waterfall! -Lookout Mountain Flight Park: A hang gliding field at the very top of Lookout Mountain, this park features a beautiful drive and a well worth it overlook of the mountains. It’s a great place to take photos, watch hang gliders, and see a beautiful sunset!

Historic Cravens House


Having a bachelorette party during a pandemic may seem impossible, but Good Fortune can change that! If you have any questions about the Relax Chatt Hotel or Good Fortune, please visit our websites, call our store, or email us!

We would love to host your bachelorette party and make sure you have a fun and safe time.

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