Smell familiar? Bring the Edwin Hotel home!

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

About 6 months ago, Good Fortune Soap & Spa partnered with the Edwin Hotel to create the perfect signature scent to embody the essence of Edwin. If you have had the pleasure of visiting the Edwin yourself, you are already privy to the alluring smell that greets you upon your arrival and lingers effortlessly until your departure. It is the Edwin's signature scent, which also resides on the shelves at Good Fortune as our "Tuscan Mountains" store blend.

An enticing blend of amber, cedarwood, tobacco and patchouli brilliantly come together

to evoke the perfect Appalachian evolved


You can purchase the signature "Edwin" scent in our store located at 2644 Broad Street in Chattanooga, TN or online at, and of course, at the Edwin Hotel.

Click the link below to purchase the "Tuscan Mountains" (Edwin Signature Scent) and bring the Edwin aroma home today!

Love the "Edwin" scent but have an idea for creating your own signature scent? Did you know you can work with one of our mixologists and create your very own custom scent? That custom scent can then go in to creating a candle, lotion bar, body wash and so much more!

You can book your Good Fortune Soap experience here. And of course, walk-ins are always welcome!

See you soon!

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