Best Places for a Shopping Spree in Chattanooga, TN

We know any getaway needs a little shopping day. Chattanooga is home to some of the most unique shopping areas in all of Tennessee. We gathered our favorites for a variety of styles and personalities so you'll be sure to find somewhere fit just for you! Let's check it out!


Good Fortune Soap & Spa

Good news! You just found your one-stop-shop for all things relaxing, beautiful, and fun! Located on Broad Street, Good Fortune is a home grown soap shop full of all- natural products. Ranging from goat milk body soaps to men's beard oil to fizzy bath bombs to all purpose house cleaners... they have it all! On top of that, if you need a massage after a long day of carrying shopping bags, they have that covered too. If you are more of a DIY kind of person, walk in or schedule a Make-n-Take. During this crafty time you'll get to make your own soap, candle, or room spray scented to fit your personal style. Nothing quite out does a shopping experience catered just to you!

Warehouse Row

Price Range: $$$

Sprinkled in a busy corporate office building sit the beautiful retail stores of Warehouse Row. This building has a past life of the Old Stone Fort during the Civil War. The architectural design and elements are still noticeable today, which is one of the details that gives this shopping area so much character. Warehouse Row has an aesthetic fit for the creative, grandeur, and lush shopper who is a fan of stores such as Anthropologie, JCrew, & LuLuLemon. Other retail shops such as Shadowbox Paperie, Amanda Pinson Jewelry, and Revival offer one-of-a-kind products ranging from elaborate stationary to luxurious home furnishings. Whether you want to window shop or empty your wallet, Warehouse Row is worth visiting.


Price Range: $-$$$

Boutiques and bridal and gifts, OH MY! The Northshore is located just across the river from the Chattanooga Aquarium. A long strip filled with tons of shops is what you'll find. Checking the boxes for all things boutiques, vintage apparel, handmade gifts, unique souvenirs, and even a bridal salon, Northshore is the catch all of every shopping experience you could possibly need. There are also plenty of places to snack in between shops, such as the infamous ice cream at Clumpies. If you have a peculiar taste for one-of-a-kind shops opposed to your typical chain stores, make your way on over the river and take a stroll around Northshore!

Mall entrance with lights on at night time
Hamilton Place Mall

Hamilton Place Mall

Price Range: $-$$

At one time being the largest mall in the state of Tennessee, Hamilton Place Mall is a special place to spend your day shopping. There is no shortage of department stores and there are a handful of shops that are pretty rare finds. For example, if you're interested in super cute and well-made feminine clothes, check out Altar'd State-- the Bass Pro of women's clothing stores we like to say. Or if you have a knack for sports, check out The College Station for all your fandom needs. With new shops coming in periodically, you'll be sure to stumble upon a shopping experience that is all you could ever want!


America's Thrift Store

Price Range: $ If you are a thrifty shopper and love doing it for a good cause, America's Thrift Store in Hixson is your next shop to tackle. They have a purpose to donate all profit made from your purchases to their 10 connected charities and they work to keep millions of pounds of donated goods out of landfills. Helping people and the earth! When you shop at America's Thrift, you'll find each product is priced by brand, starting from $.99. If you are a college student, be sure to shop on a Thursday because if you bring your student ID you save 10%. Also, if you are on the prowl for new-to-you furniture, they have a wide variety couches, chairs, and other items in like-new condition. So, go get shopping!

Marti & Liz

Price Range: $-$$

Shoes, shoes, shoes! All things shoes! Marti & Liz is a shoe store where they sell overstocked designer products. There is such a large variety of options for every person and every style. Boots, sandals, slip-ons, tennis shoes, just about everything! Every time you shop at Marti & Liz it's a surprise because the store has new stock quite often. Give your "sole" some rest, don't skip out on this unique shoe thrifting experience!

Woman with hat one, holding ice cream cone, wearing a skirt and Harley Davidson T-shirt under a bridge
Collective Clothing Model

Collective Clothing

Price Range: $$-$$$

A super hip, super vintage, super top-notch thrift store. If you are looking for quality concert merch or past decade appropriate outfits, you've just found your next stop! However, the prices are not for the faint-of-heart. Because the stock at Collective Clothing is genuine and authentic each product is a collectible, just as the name entails. So, if you are an avid collector of all things vintage and if you're drawn to clothing with a story to tell, shop at Collective Clothing!


As you are welcomed to the beautiful city of Chattanooga, we know finding the right place to shop can be a bit overwhelming. Hopefully our pointers are helpful for providing you with the best shopping spree Chattanooga has to offer! Now it's time to shop 'til you drop!

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