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Updated: Feb 7, 2019

What is clay shaving soap?

What makes it “clay shaving soap"? We add bentonite clay and castor oil to our french milled soaps to give them a smooth and rich texture. Bentonite clay is an oil-absorber that provides a thick creamy feeling. Castor oil is a skin softener that also provides big fluffy bubbles. Mixed together, these ingredients give you a close shave that is perfect for sensitive skin! Use it directly on the skin so that you feel the slippery soap and not just the bubbles and use any razor you'd like. 

What are glycerin shave soaps?

Glycerin shave soap is a little softer, more bubbly and more slick than clay shaving soap. Our shave pucks are massive 6 oz. bars that fill our shaving mugs nicely. It is a barbershop quality shaving soap that is made for sensitive skin. We offer a wide variety of manly scents. These shave soaps work best with a shaving mug and shave brush. If you are looking for things to do in Chattanooga, then visit our store and make your own shaving soap!

Do I need a shaving mug and brush?

Not necessarily. However, our all purpose soaps work best in the shower to shave your face, wash your body and your hair. Our soaps are hard bars of french milled soap that stay harder longer in the shower. If you'd prefer to slow down and use a shave mug and brush to get the perfect shave, then follow these easy steps. First, get your brush wet, swirl the soap into a lather, lather your face, and shave. You can leave the soap in our handmade mugs, but always rinse your brush with water and let it dry sideways on the built in handle.

What does aftershave do for my skin, and how do I use it?

Our Vitamin C Aftershave reduces any shaving irritation by extracting dirt, closing pores, adjusting pH and calming the skin. It is made with organic aloe, Vitamin C, an abundance of healing extracts, willow bark and a pinch of tea tree essential oil. Organic aloe is soothing, but you'll really love the anti-aging kick you get from the Vitamin C. Splash or apply with cotton ball to face after shaving or to simply clean your face. Feel free to choose our custom aftershave, add some extra essential oils and give yourself more bang for your buck!

What is a good moisturizer for men, and how do I use it?

Green Tea Face Cream is a really light feeling, unscented, non-greasy face lotion for men. It makes you feel like the better version of yourself. Pump 1-2 pumps on fingers and rub on your clean face and neck every morning and night. It is made with organic aloe juice instead of water, so it perfect for sensitive, dry, or oily skin.

What essential oils are beneficial for Beard Oil or Aftershave?

The best essential oils to use when it comes to skin irritations are Tea Tree, Lavender and Cedarwood. These powerhouse essential oils help minimize the common side effects of shaving- such as irritation, bumpiness and ingrown hairs. Lavender and Cedarwood are also known to help with hair growth.

We also have a variety of men fragrances on our custom bar to lightly scent your beard oil or aftershave! Check out all of our custom skin care for men and have fun creating your own one-of-a-kind manly creations!

Here's more info on how to take care of your beard and how to use beard oil.

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