Meet Molly, Good Fortune's LMT

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

We can't say enough good things about our Lead LMT, Molly. She has been with the Good Fortune family for over a year now and brings so much life and energy to the Good Fortune family. Learn more about Molly in the Q&A below! We guarantee it will be the best decision you make all day!

1. What made you decide to become a massage therapist?

Molly: After receiving several Thai massages, I wanted to make others feel that good. Wanting to help others in general was the biggest motivator getting into massage therapy.

2. Where did you receive your training?

Molly: I did my main training in Austin, Texas and then I went on to study Thai Massage at the Sunshine School in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

3. Why do you feel like massage is important and something that should be incorporated into everyone's routine?

Molly: Stress is the root cause of so many diseases. Massage helps lower your bodies natural cortisol production, which in turn relieves stress. I also believe massage is an excellent alternative to manage pain and I enjoy working with those clients who are looking to minimize their day to day pain and uncomfortability.

4. What sets a Good Fortune massage apart from the rest?

Molly: We offer a lot of extras at Good Fortune like the use of essential oils and hot towels. At Good Fortune, I feel like we have more time with the clients and it makes for a more personalized 1 on 1 experience.

5. When you're not at Good Fortune, how does Molly spend her free time?

Molly: I really enjoy dance, yoga, just movement in general, and definitely gardening and climbing.

You can catch Molly's smiling face everyday at Good Fortune Soap & Spa. Book a massage with her today and get to know and love her as much as we do! Two easy ways to book: call us at (423) 473-6727 and online at

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