Chattanooga Massage: Cupping

Did you know that we now offer cupping in our spa? Combined with massage therapy and essential oils, our pain relief “deep tissue” massages help address sports injuries, muscle and joint pain, connective tissue (fascia), headaches and so much more!

Cupping Massage

Most individuals find cupping massages very relaxing, delivering muscle tension and pain relief. Cupping is generally not painful, but depending on the individual’s sensitivity and the intensity of treatment, it can be very relaxing and sedating or one may experience a moderate discomfort. The movement of the cup mimics the rolling action of a deep issue massage, creating a reverse or “negative” pressure by pulling the skin upward into the cup. Redness or feeling of warmth of cupped area is an indication of increased blood flow to that area.

women in a yoga pose wearing white shirt and jeans
This is Molly, one of our massage therapists! You may meet her smiling face when you come in for your cupping session!

If this sounds like something you want to experience be sure to contact us!

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