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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

You may be wondering, what sets Good Fortune's essential oil store apart from the rest, even the big box stores? In a world where it seems like everyone and their brother is wheeling and dealing essential oils; Here are a few reasons you'll love essential oils (especially ours)!

Our therapeutic grade essential oils are sourced from all over the world; grown on indigenous farms and shipped to our wholesale supplier in the United States. We only purchase the best essential oils that have first been extracted through steam distillation or cold pressed and come with full certification of their purity. We specialize in highly concentrated pure essential oils that are perfect for cleaning, home remedies, aromatherapy, energy, skin care, relaxation and health & wellness!

Sniff before you buy:

What makes Good Fortune Soap & Spa unique aside from carrying over 40 different essential oils in our store is that we let our customers try before they buy! Our friendly staff will help you figure out which essential oils are right for you and how to use them, which can sometimes be the most intimidating part. So pull up a seat and get comfortable with essential oils!

Essential Oil blends:

We carry a large number of essential oil blends intended to promote better sleep, less stress, enhanced mood, natural hormone balance and to rid those pesky headaches. You may also blend your own custom essential oil blends to cater to your specific needs. We offer custom blends online and in our Chattanooga store. Our mixologists will assist you in picking out your oils and also blend them for you all for one low price. Not only does this save you time ordering several essential oils from various vendors but will also save you money! We are excited about our essential oils. Let us do the work for you!

Essential Oil uses:

Essential Oils for Topical: To use on your skin we recommend rubbing the diluted oils on the back of your neck, temples, bottoms of feet, wrists or any area of the body is experiencing cramps or discomfort.

Essential Oils Ingestion: Though some essentials oils are safe for consumption, we always recommend checking the label and doing the research for yourself. If ingesting internally, we recommend only 1-2 drops added to a glass of water or teaspoon of olive oil.

Essential Oils for Aromatherapy: Add 1-2 drops to an electric or tea light diffuser and instantly breathe in the benefits. You can also simply sniff the oil from the bottle or add a drop to a cotton ball and slide between your pillow case to relax at night. 

The More You Know: Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts. We recommend that you start with only 1-2 drops and always dilute the essential oils in body oil or water before any type of use. If pregnant, nursing, taking medication or if have a medical condition, always consult a healthcare professional before using essential oils. Essential oils are an excellent way to promote health and wellness, but are not intended to prevent, treat or cure illnesses.

Check out our Essential Oils next time you are in Chattanooga.

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