7 things you wish you knew before getting a massage

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Whether this is your first massage or you’re a regular, get your top questions about your massage experience answered here:

#1: Cancellation Policies Suck, but no one likes to be stood up.

Ever wondered why you were charged for a missed appointment even though you had a valid excuse? When an appointment is booked, both a treatment room and therapist are reserved exclusively for your appointment. Therefore, cancellations and no-shows present our business with lost income as we are often unable to fill these missed time slots on such short notice. We know it sucks, but ensuring the best client experience as well as maintaining a productive work environment for our staff is of the utmost importance. Plus, wouldn't it be nice to get that call back that there was a cancellation so you had the opportunity to grab that appointment spot? Uh, yeah!

#2: Tipping, not just for cows...

Though tips are not required, they are encouraged. On average, most clients tip between 15-25% on the full price of their service. For example: 60 minutes-$65 and 90 minutes-$95. If your therapist did a great job, tipping is an excellent way to show them your appreciation!

#3: Do you shave your legs for this?

Deana Carter said it best, but surprisingly enough, it does not make a difference to us or your therapist. Massages are all about relaxation and comfortability. Whatever makes you feel best is our recommendation.

Tip from our experts: Our therapist Molly recommends not shaving the day of your massage. The applied pressure from your massage can sometimes cause ingrown hairs on fresh shaved legs.

#4: Go ahead and take it off! (well, whatever you’re comfortable with, that is)

Most clients simply wear their undergarments. Your level of comfortability is what we want to make sure yourself and our therapist get just right. During your consultation, your therapist may suggest you remove your undergarments if you’re experiencing sciatica or glutes discomfort.

#5: Be your own advocate.

Speak up. We want to how you're feeling, really. Do you prefer a more firm massage or a lighter therapeutic method? Are you ticklish in some areas more than others? Contradictory to popular belief, massages should never be painful. When you speak up, our therapists can make adjustments to your massage to guarantee the best overall relaxing experience.

#6: Erections happen… but no touching. We’re serious.

Gentle, non-sexual touch anywhere on the body activates your parasympathetic nervous system which can sometimes result in an erection. Our therapists are professionals and will understand and choose to ignore it, as should you. Additional blankets or repositioning may be suggested to help accommodate such situations. In the event that your therapist feels the massage has become inappropriate of any nature, the therapist will immediately terminate the massage and you will be required to pay for the full amount of the service.

#7: What’s the difference between swedish, therapeutic and deep tissue massages?

Generally, swedish and therapeutic massages tend to be more of a light touch and relaxed focus massage. Deep tissue massages are more commonly used with sports injury and aches/pains. We offer deep tissue massages as a $10 add on at our Chattanooga Spa.

So now that your a pro on all things massage, give us a call and book your service today! And of course, our helpful staff will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have. We offer the convenience to book online at www.goodfortunesoap.com or over the phone at (423) 473-6727.

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